Salary meaning in hindi | Salary ka matlab 

Salary meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Salary 
Usage of Salary: 1: Part of the salary is kept back. 2: Claire is always yapping about her salary . 3: At Tesla's salary of $18 per week 4: 1969. Aubrey received a salary of $4,000 a week but had no contract. 5: John F. Kennedy donated his salary to charities. 6: Members began receiving an annual salary in 1815 7: The Dodgers signed Koufax on a $6,000 salary with a $14,000 signing bonus. 8: The minimum legal salary is around 60 dollars per month. 9: Jackie earned the major-league minimum salary of $5,000 10: The annual salary of each senator
Salary ki paribhasha : vah dhan jo kisi ko koi kaam karane ke badale men diya jaay pairon se kuchali hui mitti, kichad va gaara

Usage of Salary in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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