Sap meaning in hindi | Sap ka matlab 

Sap meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sap 
Usage of Sap: 1: That medicine is made from sap of Neem tree. 2: In the spring, New Hampshire's many sap houses hold sugaring off open houses. 3: Its sap , is used to treat head colds, and as an antiseptic. 4: Toddy is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of palm trees 5: Botanical plant with red veins, kind of patience that the leaves make a red sap like blood 6: He said things that their movement back to the starting point, mainly Blood and sap 7: In terms of Botany, he says Miscellaneous plant producing resinous sap used to make lacquer 8: It also says Canals which circulates plant sap 9: It also tells of trees, plants that still have some sap wood which has not lost its natural moisture since it is cut 10: It is also said of a fruit tree branch more or less short, the gardener maintains that the sap is concentrated
Sap ki paribhasha : kisi padaarth men ka moola, mukhya, kaam kaa, ya asali bhaag kavita ka vah gun jisase sunanevaale ke chitt men aavesh utpann ho vah jo apadh aur jaahil ho vah anubhav jo muanh men dale hue padaarthon ka rasana ya jibh ke dbaara hota hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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