Scared meaning in hindi | Scared ka matlab 

Scared meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Scared 
Usage of Scared: 1: I get scared by the growl of dogs. 2: Children are scared by the imp is the bungalow. 3: The thieves are scared of the police stick. 4: She scared me to death when she screamed . 5: The barking scared off the prowler . 6: The explosion scared the pants off of everyone . 7: I slipped up on Harry and scared him to death . 8: I sneaked up to Don and scared him to death . 9: "People are scared in this country 10: He was so scared that he stopped the car and stepped out .
Scared ki paribhasha : du:khapoorn manoveg lo kisi anisht ya haani ki aashnka se utpann hota aur us anisht va haani se bachane ke liye aakulata utpann karata hai

Usage of Scared in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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