Scholar meaning in hindi | Scholar ka matlab 

Scholar meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Scholar 
Usage of Scholar: 1: He is a scholar in numismatics. 2: he is a scholar on deontological. 3: Mexican scholar Miguel León-Portilla suggests that it is derived from mexictli 4: As the Afrocentric scholar Molefe Asante explains 5: Barbeau became a Rhodes scholar and eventually a classmate of Jenness. 6: As observed by scholar Ross Haenfler 7: He worked in Baghdad as a scholar at the House of Wisdom established by Caliph 8: According to religious scholar Karen Armstrong 9: Speaking of Zen in general, Buddhist scholar Stephen Hodge writes : ". 10: Forster was in contact with the private scholar Sir Joseph Banks
Scholar ki paribhasha : chhataya naamak maghumakkhi jo kuchh pile aur kapil varn ki hoti hai vai jo aatma ka svaroop jaanata ho vah jo sadamad ke vivekagyaan se yukt ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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