Scholarship meaning in hindi | Scholarship ka matlab 

Scholarship meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Scholarship 
Usage of Scholarship: 1: The scholarship saw me through college 2: However, recent scholarship puts this to rest. 3: "post-revisionist" scholarship 4: Economic scholarship has 5: The dialogues have been divided by influential scholarship into the early 6: He was awarded a scholarship to attend Merton College 7: This scholarship has had a significant impact on the state university system 8: Recent scholarship has suggested alternative dates for this event 9: Owens was never awarded a scholarship 10: Western scholarship of Zoroastrianism began.
Scholarship ki paribhasha : bahut adhik vidvaan hone ka bhaav vah vratti ya dhan jo vidyaarthi ko vidyaabhyaas ki dash men sahaayataarth mila kare

Usage of Scholarship in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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