Scream meaning in hindi | Scream ka matlab 

Scream meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Scream 
Usage of Scream: 1: A scream shattered the silence. 2: The child burst out with a scream . 3: I'm so mad I could scream . 4: If you lay a finger on me, I'll scream . 5: The spider-pit scene caused members of the audience to scream 6: They do not make the scream that is found in films 7: Tilly started to scream at her family to get off the beach . 8: and familiarly Ironically, this child continues to scream it makes us beautiful music here 9: Criailler and scream words are frequentatives 10: Long ago I scream it to be wise to beware of him
Scream ki paribhasha : ghadi ya baaje aadi men kunji dene ki kriyaa, jisase gati utpann ho bhojan men svaada- vraddhi laane ke liye thodi maatra men khaaya jaanevaala padaarth jisaka svabhaav aamod pramod karane ka ho

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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