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Set aside meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Set aside 
As noun : अपास्त Ex:  You must set aside a certain sum each week. ध्यान नहीं देना Ex:  If SE DÉMUNIR means stripping things we had set aside for any future need for any project बचा के रखना
As verb : अलग रखना Ex:  Liz set aside her book for a while . इस्तिस्नाय Ex:  Liz set aside some cake for Karen . खारिज करना Ex:  It set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve गई करना Ex:  1970 the United States Congress set aside a large part of it घलाहल Ex:  Seventy tons of bronze were set aside for casting it. डालना Ex:  It set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve ध्यान न देना Ex:  He recklessly deprived of that sum he had set aside for his journey नंषना Ex:  It still means, absolutely, make profits in a job, in one place, and set aside प्रतिवार प्रतिसंहत प्रबाधन बचाना उ:   इन सिस्टमों का काम इमारतों और अधिवासियों दोनों को बचाना है। मेलना मेल्हना रद्द करना रालना
Other : अलग छोड‌़ना Ex:  The court has set aside its earlier decision. उत्साहित करना Ex:  Time was also set aside to write several publications. एक ओर रख देना Ex:  The time set aside for debate on a particular motion is निराकरण करना Ex:  To break, to set aside an award प्रत्यादिष्ट करना प्रत्यादेशित करना मुवावज़ा
Set aside ki paribhasha : pakadi ya thahari hui vastu ko is prakaar chhod dena ki vah niche gir pade aapatti ya kasht men na padne dena

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The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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