Shyness meaning in hindi | Shyness ka matlab 

Shyness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Shyness 
Usage of Shyness: 1: He overcame his shyness 2: Despite his shyness he finally embarking 3: Extreme shyness 4: figuratively, he said of the people a sense of fear, surprise, excessive shyness makes motionless, silent and paralyzed 5: He also said, in terms of Fine Arts or Arts, speaking of the Way to run, operate, and signifies who is free, frank, mark that point hesitation, shyness 6: His shyness prevents him to publish all his mind 7: I never saw a shyness like yours 8: It is sometimes stutters embarrassment, shyness 9: This is her shyness which gives that remote 10: , he says, speaking of a Make easy, bold, where there is neither shyness nor groping
Shyness ki paribhasha : jise snkoch ya lajja ho ek alnkaar jisamen vikaas alnkaar se viruddh varnan hota hai ya kisi vastu ka atishay snkoch varnan kiya jaata hai antaःkaran ki vah avastha jisamen svabhaavataः athava apane kisi bhadde ya bure aacharan ki bhaavana ke kaaran vasaron ke saamane vrattiyaaan snkuchit ho jaati hain, chepta mnd pad jaati hai, muanh se, shavd nahin nikalata sir nicha ho jaata hai aur saamane taaka nahin jaata

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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