Slimy meaning in hindi | Slimy ka matlab 

Slimy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Slimy 
Usage of Slimy: 1: When the retting is complete the bundles of flax feel soft and slimy 2: By analogy, slimy mud 3: Egg white, slimy substance of the egg that surrounds the which becomes yellow and white by cooking 4: Freshwater Fish, gender Carp, whose scales are small and blackish skin and slimy 5: Material slimy 6: Mood slimy 7: The germ of an egg, says commonly, the compact Party and slimy which is in the egg
Slimy ki paribhasha : chikanaahath aur gilepan ke kaaran pair aadi ka na jamana tela, ghi, charabi aadi chikane padaarth jise dekhakar ya sunakar ghrana paida ho jise chhoone se haath chipakata hua jaan pade

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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