Smell meaning in hindi | Smell ka matlab 

Smell meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Smell 
Usage of Smell: 1: it had an earthy smell 2: Roses smell is captivating. 3: she loved the smell of roses 4: That smell nauseates me. 5: Onions have a stong smell and odour. 6: A fetid smell was coming from his room. 7: The smell of petrol clings for a long time. 8: the soup had a fishy smell 9: There is a fishy smell in this room. 10: I dont like the smell of yarrow.
Smell ki paribhasha : ek parvatiy vraksh jo bahut ooancha hota hain ghraanendriy ya naak dvaara kisi prakaar ki gndh ka grahan ya anubhav karana vastu ya vyakti ke svaroop ko is prakaar jaanana ki vah jab kabhi indriyagochar ho to is baat ka nishchay ho sake ki vah kaun athava kya hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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