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Soft meaning in hindi

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As noun : एंचीला Ex:  The cops are soft on speeders in this town . लचलची Ex:  Most Italian wines are soft लचीला Ex:  Party is soft on the inside bread उ:   निर्देशित नियंत्रण आदेश का एक तेज और लचीला तरीका था। वंक्य Ex:  soft and blood substance that is between the skin and bones of humans and animals स्थितिस्थापक धुँधला
As adjective : अकठोर Ex:  the Prime Minister was wearing a grey suit and a white shirt with a soft collar, but his neck had become thinner and the collar stood away from it as if it had been bought haphazard अकर्कश Ex:  He prefers soft boiled eggs. अघर्म Ex:  he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud अघोर Ex:  Small children like to play with soft things. अणुतर Ex:  she had a soft spot for her youngest son अद्रव Ex:  One should not be of a soft character. अनुद्धत Ex:  Indian cricket team is mainly bank rolled by soft drinks company. अप्रखर Ex:  The blossoms were kissed by the soft rain. अभयंकर Ex:  Keep all soft drink bottles for the picnic in a cooler. अमूझा Ex:  One couldnt speak with a soft palate. अमेधा Ex:  Ravi pinched the small babies soft cheeks. अरक्षित Ex:  Old melodies are soft to listen. अलसौंहा Ex:  His way of talking is very soft and delibrate. अल्कोहल रहित Ex:  A dredger was used to dreadge the soft mud from the bottom of the canal अविलष्ट Ex:  In place of cotton,foam is used to fill matresses to make them soft and long lasting. अस्पष्ट Ex:  a soft susurrus of conversation उ:   यह अस्पष्ट है जब बंगाल की खाड़ी में पहली भारतीय यात्रा हुई। अहानिकारक Ex:  The candles shed a soft glow over the room. आनृशंस Ex:  He is very soft spoken. आसान Ex:  the business decided to concentrate on confectionery and soft drinks उ:   जो यातायात के लिए बहूत आसान होता है। उदभिन्न Ex:  All the soft drinks are on ice . उपभूषण Ex:  This cloth is as soft as a baby's bottom . उपस्तीर्ण Ex:  The kitten's fur was as soft as down . उरहाना Ex:  George is just soft in the head . करमफरमा Ex:  The soft body is coiled around the columellar muscle करुणानिधान Ex:  Southern Albanian music is soft and gentle, and polyphonic in nature. करुणानिधि Ex:  Due to the soft pads on their feet करुणापर Ex:  Wind and rain have also sculpted the soft sandstone over millions of years. करुणावान Ex:  The earliest soft wax recordings also wore out quite fast करूणाकर Ex:  The case consists of a soft white, waxy substance saturated with spermaceti. कलरव Ex:  Since hard cases are both expensive and heavy, many bassists use soft cases. उ:   मंद-मंद कलरव करती है। कुंटक Ex:  This variety of soft tofu is made and carried around in an earthenware jar. कोँवर Ex:  These cheeses include soft ripened cheeses such as Brie and Camembert कोँवरि कोँवरी Ex:  Such cheeses are soft and spreadable, with a mild taste. कोँवल Ex:  Washed-rind cheeses can be soft , semi-hard , or hard . कोँवलि Ex:  Their texture can be soft or firm. कोमल Ex:  Other manufacturing activities include soap, soft drinks, and clothing. उ:   नारी-हृदय कोमल है लेकिन केवल अनुकूल दशा में। क्लिन्नहृद् Ex:  Hard water is usually alkaline, while soft water is usually neutral to acidic. क्षोदक्षम Ex:  The coastlines along the southernmost part are soft खुनक Ex:  Many soft signs have norm-referenced criteria खुला Ex:  Highly sweetened soft drinks are widely popular उ:   महल का खुला हिस्सा काफ़ी बड़ा है। गोमगा Ex:  Made operationally possible by soft actuators ग्राव Ex:  Trimmer and Kaplan's SoftBot exhibits soft behaviours . घृणालु Ex:  Hammered finishes are typically created by using a soft घृती Ex:  Water is classified as soft if it contains 1 to 4 grains छायावेष्टित Ex:  But he keeps the soft clear light of Perugino in his paintings. जज्बाती Ex:  He was followed by a number of country-rock bands and soft जिह्मगामी Ex:  Most pure metals are either too soft ठोस Ex:  The lack of a subway is due to the soft ground on which Göteborg is situated. उ:   ये गुफाएँ ठोस पाषाण से काट कर बनायी गई हैं। ढीलम ढाला Ex:  Coca-Cola is the most recognized soft drink company in the world. ढीला ढाला Ex:  Highly sweetened soft drinks are widely popular ताढ Ex:  Gaseous CO2 is extensively used to carbonate soft drinks . थंडा Ex:  A countenance a soft lead थाँटा Ex:  A man soft and effeminate दयाकर Ex:  A soft दयालु Ex:  A soft character दयाशील Ex:  A soft driving द्रवेतर Ex:  A soft Education धिष्णय Ex:  A soft government धीमा Ex:  A soft wood उ:   धीमा प्रतिक्रिया समय जो गडबडियां पैदा करता है। धुमैली Ex:  A very soft bed नरंम Ex:  All his affections are soft नरम Ex:  ashlars of soft surface उ:   पाठक नरम पड़ जाता है और नरेन को अपने पिता से बात करने के लिए कहता है। नरमदिल Ex:  Assembling of Natural History Hair of coated, membranous and soft नष्टबुद्धि Ex:  Botanical fleshy substance or soft fruits and vegetables निगरु Ex:  Building with soft stones निभृत Ex:  By affixing, Powder Blue said of a very soft Blue निरलंकार Ex:  carpet, soft cushions नीरंध्र Ex:  CHICKEN also said a soft ticket पजमुर्दा Ex:  Didactic Part of the anatomy that deals with meat and soft परुषेतर Ex:  Dry wine, soft पोँगा Ex:  For affixing Almonds princesses, Almonds whose wood is soft and easy to break प्रविकीर्ण Ex:  Friction soft प्रश्लथ Ex:  From also said about soft प्रसादस्थ Ex:  From soft reflections बिखरा हुआ Ex:  From soft transport बिहबल Ex:  From soft wax बुद्धिहत Ex:  GRASSET is also used as a male name and means in terms of veterinary Art, soft Party, in horse, beef, etc बुद्धिहीन Ex:  Having the body supple, soft kidneys भावप्रवण Ex:  Having the look soft and caressing भावाव Ex:  Having the skin soft भावुक Ex:  Having the soft command उ:   इस फिल्म में काफी भावुक दृश्य दर्शाए गए हैं। Ex:  Having the soft flesh उ:   वह अज्ञात कारणों से मेटापोंटम म में ९० साल की उम्र में मर गया। मंजुस्वन Ex:  He felt in his Hair soft caress of the wind मंदा Ex:  In a soft manner मंसूर Ex:  In a soft manner मद्धिम Ex:  In terms of anatomy, it means Dutchman ; but more particularly said parts, some of which serve as passageways for liquids or soft substances which contain other particular organs मधरा Ex:  In terms of anatomy, it means some soft or fleshy parts of the body human मधुर Ex:  In terms of painting, soft key, soft way, Weakness of expression, failure in the design or in the color उ:   मधुर भंडारकर इसके सह-निर्माता भी हैं। मध्यम Ex:  In terms of the Navy, he means a Tap, a kind of bed that form, in the mud or in the soft sand, ship failed momentarily उ:   जिले में छछली एवं मध्यम काली मृदा पायी जाती हैं। मनोरवा ‡पु० Ex:  In terms of veterinary Art, it is said of soft classified growths, and usually red, coming to the horses' feet , donkeys, mules, and whose assembly forms a cluster of species माँझिन, माँझिमपु Ex:  it does not say that in speaking soft things, like paper, tow, tape, etc मिरजा Ex:  It has strong kidneys, weak kidneys, soft kidneys, kidney ruptured मिष्टत Ex:  It is also said to some other soft materials or liquids whose surface is covered with some Objects मीठ Ex:  It is said by extension lying on a bed of roses, Squirting a soft state, pleasure, happiness मुधरा Ex:  It is said in the same direction, soft Key मुलायम Ex:  It is said in the same direction: It has the flexible spine, soft kidneys उ:   यह कुछ मुलायम भी होता है। मुशफिक Ex:  It is said of a stone soft and easy to carve, used to make pots मूर्त्तिमान Ex:  It is soft and caressing मृदु Ex:  It is sometimes simply opposed Gentle, soft उ:   मृदु मुस्कान मुख की शोभा होती है। मृदु Ex:  It is sometimes simply opposed Gentle, soft उ:   मृदु मुस्कान मुख की शोभा होती है। मृदुभाषी Ex:  It is very soft मृदुल Ex:  It is, by extension, Any kind of soft and pleasant winds मृदुल Ex:  It is, by extension, Any kind of soft and pleasant winds मृद्वी Ex:  It means, by extension, which is soft to the touch as velvet or Who has the appearance of velvet ; said he is particularly Some flowers मेद्य Ex:  It said, in terms of Botany, the Parties which are covered with long hair, soft and close मेहरबान Ex:  lasts tumor, soft मोलिया ‡ Ex:  long hand, short, dry, oily, gaunt, chubby, sharp, rough, soft म्लिष्ट Ex:  Made it cold? Between the two, that is to say, This sheep is neither soft nor hard; it is neither hot nor cold रकीक Ex:  Make it soft and easy to eat रकीक Ex:  Make it soft and easy to eat लघुवृत्ति Ex:  Montaigne said that ignorance and lack of curiosity are the soft pillows for a good head ललितप्रहार Ex:  Roughen the windows to make the soft light लहुअ ‡ Ex:  Sculpture Train with soft clay, wax, etc वसीक Ex:  soft and oily substance that fills the cavity of bones विजल्पित Ex:  soft cloth विद्रवित Ex:  soft contours, soft contours and विप्रलीन Ex:  soft Filer Do any resistance to someone is feared विमूर्त Ex:  soft pork fat, melted and prepared विषुण Ex:  soft surface of a hard stone विष्कन्न Ex:  soften mean Become soft विस्रस्त Ex:  Sometimes it is just opposite Gentle, soft वीषित Ex:  Sort of Medicine vegetation occurring on the surface of a wound or natural cavity and which have the appearance of a soft mass, friable वृथावृद्ध Ex:  SPEECH also means Tone of voice, depending on whether it is strong or weak, soft or hard, quality of output, as it is accurate or confused वोछा Ex:  Sperm fish male forming a soft white substance resembling curdled milk व्यादीर्ण Ex:  State which is soft व्यालोल Ex:  The attack, the response was soft शान्त Ex:  The cerebral substance, the soft part of the brain उ:   देश का एक उपनाम है "जोसिओन" जिसका अर्थ है, शान्त सुबह की भूमि। शिथिल Ex:  The duty so soft that you require Nature उ:   धीरे-धीरे शिथिल पड़ने लगा। शीतल Ex:  The effect of these colors, these shades is very soft to the eye उ:   यूरोप के शीतल देशों में भी यह उगाई जा सकती है। शीतस्पर्श Ex:  The fatty oils, soft or fixed श्रथन Ex:  The soft contours श्लक्ष्ण Ex:  The soft rain brought mushrooms श्लक्ष्णक Ex:  The soft sentences श्लथ Ex:  The soft silence of the woods संदिग्घ Ex:  the two genres which produces more or less harmful effects, speaking of some soft exhalations संप्रभग्न Ex:  They say a similar manner: A soft bed संयत Ex:  This bed is too soft उ:   इनकी रचना कलापक्ष में संयत और भावपक्ष में रंजनकारिणी है। संश्रांत Ex:  This child, once so carried away, became soft and easy संहतिशाली Ex:  This fruit is a soft substance and aqueous सघोष Ex:  This is the strong soft leather उ:   इसे सघोष ध्वनि भी कहते हैं। सटरपटर Ex:  This sometimes says simply opposed to the pleasant quality of what is tender, soft सद्दी ‡ Ex:  Tuff Limestone is very soft सादा Ex:  very soft substance, glacial, which is extracted from various plants, mainly from sugar cane and Beet उ:   इसका सादा अर्थ है बाजार का ``चालक बल`` या ड्राइवर। साधुधी Ex:  Veterinary Art soft tumor that occurs on one of the sides of the horse's hock सानुक्रोश Ex:  Vice Pronunciation by which one gives the soft g j and the sound of z सालुल Ex:  When he realized what he exposed himself, he spun soft सीतल ‡ Ex:  Whitish Earth soft to the touch, composed primarily of silica and alumina सीरपु Ex:  Wiggle means figuratively Assign a soft approach and abandoned सीरापु Ex:  , A eloquence soft and persuasive सुखभेद्य Ex:  , It is a rag, it is as soft rag, is said of someone who is a weak character, who can resist anything सुखलभ्य Ex:  , soft fabric, fabric with body and which is compliant, soft hand सुखसेव्य Ex:  , thin and soft gaits सुखोपाय Ex:  Anatomy soft Viscera, located in the left upper quadrant, between the stomach and the false ribs सुप्राप Ex:  de soft agreements सुम्नी Ex:  D'une gently, soft सुलभ Ex:  Fromage fat, soft cheese that has no more substance than butter उ:   उनकी पूजा से मोक्ष का मार्ग सुलभ होता है। सुशक Ex:  He said of the soft murmur, soft and monotonous heard pigeons and doves सुस्पर्श Ex:  It is soft to touch, sight, smell, hearing सुहंगम Ex:  The game human voice, play flutes, playing trumpets, playing trumpet, said he Registers used in the organs, to imitate the sound of the human voice, the soft flutes, the trumpets etc सूपगंधि सोच्छ्वास सौम्य उ:   टेराटोमा भ्रूण ट्यूमर का सबसे आम प्रकार है और आमतौर पर सौम्य होता है। स्कंदोल स्तीम स्पर्शवान् स्वधित हतताप हरुआ हलका उ:   इसे हलका गोल्डन रॉड भी कहते हैं। हलुका हीनपक्ष हृदयवान् हृदयिक हैमंतिक
Other : आस्ते Ex:  She uses very soft shades of lipstick. आहिस्ता Ex:  Moisturizing cream keeps your skin soft and supple. कमजोर Ex:  I tried the soft sell, but that didn't work . उ:   सबसे उल्लेखनीय लाभ यह है कि कोर्ट का कोई भी साइड कमजोर नहीं होता है। कमज़ोर Ex:  I don't mind a little soft soap . कल Ex:  Carbon dioxide is used to produce carbonated soft drinks and soda water. उ:   आज कल ये एक संग्रहालिया है। कामल Ex:  "banana" usually refers to soft गुदकारा Ex:  The ground around the Elbe river in Magdeburg is soft गुदगुदा Ex:  Preservation of soft tissues is extremely rare in the fossil record. गुलगुला Ex:  In some casinos a dealer must also hit a soft 17 . चिकना Ex:  The common soft corals on the Great Barrier Reef belong to 36 genera. चिनिया Ex:  Both hard and soft magnets have a more complex ढील Ex:  Vasilevsky was regarded by his peers as a kind and soft military commander. ढीला Ex:  He is flashily dressed in an overcoat and a soft hat . उ:   गर्म और शुष्क क्षेत्रों में, पगड़ियां बड़े और ढीला कर रहे हैं। नर्म Ex:  Be soft to the task, making the nonchalantly नाज़ुक Ex:  Building with soft stones मंद स्वर में बजाया जाने वाला Ex:  I am sorry they spun soft मसृण Ex:  In the opposite direction, This horse is easy, soft montoir उ:   राजस्थान का गोटनस्थान कोमल और मसृण कलई के लिये प्रसिद्ध है। महीन Ex:  It also says Sickness horses, consisting of a leg soft tumor उ:   अनेक प्रकार के फलनेवाले और महीन पत्तीवो शोभाकर पेड़ लगाते हैं। हल्का उ:   इस दूध को बच्चे को पिलाने से पहले हल्का गर्म कर लिना चाहिए।
Soft ki paribhasha : sngit ke saat svaron men se chautha svar jisame indriyon aur man ko vash men kiya ho jisaki banaavat aadi bahut snkshipt ho jo sunane men karkash ya apriy na ho jo adhik prachnd, tivr ya ugr na ho jisamen kisi prakaar ki kathorata ya khinchaav aadi na ho najaakat se yukt prem prasng ka haasa- parihaas jisake man men bhaavon ka visheshataः komal bhaavon ka snchaar hota ho yajn ke yoop ka niche se pndrah aratni ka sthaan sngit men svar ka ek bhed

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