Souvenir meaning in hindi | Souvenir ka matlab 

Souvenir meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Souvenir 
Usage of Souvenir: 1: They are badly damaged by souvenir seekers 2: A souvenir of friendship 3: A souvenir separate 4: It expresses particular speaking of things that we offer, which is dedicated to a church, a temple, in gratitude, respect or to keep a souvenir 5: It is figuratively called All that devotes a souvenir 6: MEMORY also means action of memory, the memory effect, souvenir
Souvenir ki paribhasha : vah lakshan jisase kisi chij ki pahachaan ho vah kaary ya vastu visheshataः patrikaaean, pustikaaean aadi jo kisi vishisht kaary ki smrati banaaye rakhane ke nimitt prastut ki gai ho lakshan jisase koi chij pahachaani jaay smrati ke uddeshy se diya athava rakha hua padaarth vah padaarth jo kisi ki smrati ke roop men ho

Usage of Souvenir in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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