Spindle meaning in hindi | Spindle ka matlab 

Spindle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Spindle 
Usage of Spindle: 1: Thread is wound on a spindle during spinning. 2: It should still a spindle turn, when the said meat is not enough roasted 3: Remove the spindle poultry, meat we roasted 4: Set spindle 5: Stick to the upper end of which is attached hemp or flax, to spin it in the reeling by means of the spindle or spinning wheel 6: Turn the spindle 7: , Having spindle legs, tapered, Having extremely minor leg 8: , twisted together between the fingers, with the spindle or spinning wheel, or obtained by mechanical means, and that mainly uses to make cloth and sewing
Spindle ki paribhasha : lohe ki vah salaayi jo soot kaatane ke charakhe men lagi hoti hai aur jisapar soot lipatata jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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