Spirits meaning in hindi | Spirits ka matlab 

Spirits meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Spirits 
Usage of Spirits: 1: Have a glass of brandy to keep your spirits up. 2: The good news sent her spirits aloft. 3: Buoyant spirits 4: Her spirits rosed after hearing the good news. 5: The work involved cleaning with spirits 6: Conceptions of spirits or other beings had also many variants . 7: There, Kane's father operated a shop as a spirits and wine merchant. 8: It is claimed that the spirits have long lost their chins and jaws 9: Canada, and Japan, while whiskey is used for the spirits distilled in Ireland. 10: In Australia it cannot even be asserted that the gods are spirits at all
Spirits ki paribhasha : vah prasannata jo kisi aanevaale sukh ko sochakar hoti hai aur manushy ko kaary men pravratt karati hai

Usage of Spirits in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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