Stubborn meaning in hindi | Stubborn ka matlab 

Stubborn meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Stubborn 
Usage of Stubborn: 1: he is very stubborn by nature. 2: He needed some prodding because he is a stubborn man. 3: Abada was stubborn and complaining 4: Henry was characteristically stubborn and on October 8 1164 5: Hugo took on a stubborn role and got little done in the Senate. 6: A character, a stubborn spirit 7: A child stubborn to the rule, the lessons of his masters 8: A child, an old stubborn 9: A stubborn child 10: A stubborn defense
Stubborn ki paribhasha : u—tulasis pavan nndan atal kruddh yuddh kautuk karai apane snkalp ya vachan ko poora karanevaala vah jo gurujanon ke saamane aisa kaam kare jo anuchit ho

Usage of Stubborn in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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