Stupid meaning in hindi | Stupid ka matlab 

Stupid meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Stupid 
Usage of Stupid: 1: I am such a stupid guy 2: when a student made a stupid mistake he spared them no abuse 3: Ram is a stupid and jejune boy. 4: His boss would never give countenance to such a stupid plan. 5: That stupid sod always created problems for me. 6: It is ridiculous to follow your stupid instructions 7: That was a stupid thing to do . 8: Tom is sort of stupid . 9: Joyce has done some stupid things . 10: This stupid car quit on me .
Stupid ki paribhasha : jise kisi prakaar ka bakooph ya shaoor na ho chinta ya lajja aadi ke kaaran nistej jo kasa ya tana hua na ho jo kisi kaam ke laayak na ho jisake paas karane ke liye koi kaam na ho vah jo apadh aur jaahil ho

Usage of Stupid in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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