Sub meaning in hindi | Sub ka matlab 

Sub meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sub 
Usage of Sub: 1: He is a sub inspector. 2: It is sub part of this. 3: I took this sub contract. 4: We will sub the red ones for the blue ones . 5: On two occasions, the sub sank 6: A large penny coin One of two sub 7: gold statues and ivory ancient Greeks had a core or cedar core, on which is applied by coating the sub carving 8: In terms of currencies, it means a pure copper or copper coins mixed with a little money, like the old sub 9: In terms of grammar, indirect complement, one that relates indirectly, that is ie by an expressed or sub heard preposition, the word which he completes the meaning 10: The rope sub Trends in circumference an arc of sixty degrees is equal to the radius
Sub ki paribhasha : praachin bhaarat ki ek jaati jitane hon, ve kul vah jalapakshi jo paani men dubaki lagaakar machhaliyaaan aadi pakadta ho doosare ke sthaan par asthaayi roop se kaam karanevaal vah thod thod dhan jo kai ek aadamiyon se unake ichchhaanusaar kisi kaary ke liye liya jaay

Usage of Sub in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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