Subscription meaning in hindi | Subscription ka matlab 

Subscription meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Subscription 
Usage of Subscription: 1: the deed was attested by the subscription of his signature 2: An international edition is available by annual subscription for US$200 3: The first monument funded by popular subscription 4: Most subscription services are also funded by advertising. 5: Special subscription plans are offered to schools 6: Encarta is available online by subscription 7: Some MMORPGs require payment of a monthly subscription to play. 8: Close a list, a subscription 9: It means, in terms of military administration, a sum formed by the deductions made from pay each soldier, or allocated, by subscription for a special expense 10: Kind program, which is published and appear before a book in which gives an idea of this book, it was announced the format, the character, the number of volumes and conditions of the subscription
Subscription ki paribhasha : saude ke dar ka nirdhaaran ya nishchayan apane haath se likha hua apana naam jo kisi lekh aadi ke niche likha jaay vah mahasool jo ghaaton aur raaston aadi par raajy ki or se vasool kiya jaata hai vah thod thod dhan jo kai ek aadamiyon se unake ichchhaanusaar kisi kaary ke liye liya jaay

Usage of Subscription in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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