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Suggest meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Suggest 
Usage of Suggest: 1: I suggest a tour to the museum. 2: Population pointers suggest a great increase in the rate of growth 3: I assent to what you suggest . 4: Others however suggest it is a mythical place 5: Others however suggest it is a mythical place 6: The producers did not suggest Tate, and Mia Farrow was cast. 7: There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Shaka had betrayed Dingiswayo. 8: Some studies suggest that it may have a mixed effect on short-term memory 9: Some astronomers suggest they belong in their own category, “ice giants. 10: Some estimates suggest an ice-free summer Arctic by 2040
Suggest ki paribhasha : aisa upaay karana jisamen doosare ko sujhe pahale se soochana dena phati puraani bagadi jo niche rahati hai aur jisake oopar achchhi pagadi baaandhi jaati hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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