Summons meaning in hindi | Summons ka matlab 

Summons meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Summons 
Usage of Summons: 1: Gertrude summons Hamlet to her bedchamber to demand an explanation. 2: When he arrives to deliver his summons 3: About sixty writs of summons 4: “awaken to a burst of religious enthusiasm at the summons of a Pope 5: Final Fantasy X's summons arrive and entirely replace the battle party 6: Give notify a summons to an accused 7: I received summons 8: It also said figuratively, more generally, any kind of summons 9: It is also said in a letter designed to call to mind an invitation, a summons 10: It is used figuratively in ordinary use, and signifies Last word, notice, summons
Summons ki paribhasha : adaalat ka vah soochanaapatr ya aadesh patr jisamen kisi ko nidisht samay par adaalat men upasthit ya haajir hone ki soochana ya aadesh likha rahata hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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