Sweating meaning in hindi | Sweating ka matlab 

Sweating meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sweating 
Usage of Sweating: 1: She was sweating so much so that she tied sweat band on her head. 2: If sweating is interrupted 3: "Naw", says Kerouac, sweating and fiddling. 4: This process, called iontophoresis, causes sweating 5: He came sweating 6: His fever is gone by sweating 7: Medicine eruptive fever, epidemic, whose main symptom very profuse sweating 8: SWEAT also said of the Action sweating 9: sweating 10: sweating profusely
Sweating ki paribhasha : sharir men mila hua jal jo adhik parishram karane athava garami lagane par saare sharir se nikalane lagata hai

Usage of Sweating in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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