Swinging meaning in hindi | Swinging ka matlab 

Swinging meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Swinging 
Usage of Swinging: 1: The swinging volley is hit out of the air as the player approaches the net. 2: In addition to swinging at the ball 3: A bird swinging in the air, in the air 4: DOUBT also towards Hesitate, swinging 5: figuratively and familiarly, he employed means and intransitively Hesitate, swinging 6: figuratively and familiarly, he employed means clustering and intransitively Hesitate, swinging 7: gently swinging 8: Having swinging 9: In terms of body , The ébattement a car, the game that it has in its swinging between the shafts 10: It also means we take Resolution after swinging between several parties

Usage of Swinging in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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