Switch meaning in hindi | Switch ka matlab 

Switch meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Switch 
Usage of Switch: 1: i pressed switch using thimble. 2: A timer was kept to switch off the instrument. 3: Glasses are baked in the furnace.
Please switch on the fan. Its like a furnace in here.
4: I asked him to switch on the light. 5: O Gawd!I forgot switch off the heater. 6: I decided to switch back to my old shampoo . 7: I want to switch my furnace over to gas . 8: Link is able to switch from big to small at special portals throughout the land 9: There was a little box, containing a switch with 40 positions. 10: These would annunciate alarms calling attention to a failed switch element.
Switch ki paribhasha : chipate aakaar ki kadi gol ghundi jo kurate, kota, age aadi men tanki rahati hai aur jise chhed men dal dene se khuli jagah bnd ho jaati hai aur kapad badan ko poori tarah dhank leta hai bijali ka vah batan ya khataka jise dabaakar prakaasha, mashin aadi chaalou aur bnd karate hain laal kapade aadi kaatane ya katarane ka ek aujaar jaisa raha ho usase bhinn ho jaana lahange, paajaame aadi men gokharoo, chutaki aadi ki sidhi tankaayi

Usage of Switch in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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