Target meaning in hindi | Target ka matlab 

Target meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Target 
Usage of Target: 1: knock out a target 2: You missed the target by a mile . 3: Wally fired over the target . 4: He threw the stone at the target . 5: 22LR is commonly used by hunters for off-season target practice. 6: Kony began to target civilians with his increased military strength. 7: Cibber became an easy target for other satirists. 8: , target cells and Howell-Jolly body. 9: Lee's kicks were delivered very quickly to the target 10: Lee's kicks were delivered very quickly to the target
Target ki paribhasha : vah sthaan jo aage ki or kramashaः is prakaar baraabar nicha hota gaya ho ki usapar padi hui vastu niche ki or khisak ya ludhak ya vah sake lakshy vastu jisapar dhyaan rakhakar koi baat kahi ya ki jaay jisaka lakshan ya paribhaash ki jaay vah sthaan jahaaan ann boya jaata ho vah jisapar taak kar kisi astr ya shastr aadi ka vaar kiya jaay

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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