Tax meaning in hindi | Tax ka matlab 

Tax meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tax 
Usage of Tax: 1: In our country every tax has a surcharge. 2: The Excise tax has been abolished. 3: itemize ones tax deductions 4: He paid the tax to the taxman. 5: The government offers various tax incentives. 6: You should claim a tax refund. 7: The public reaction to the new tax was generally favourable. 8: I'm going to try to get this tax bill lowered . 9: The tax people finally caught up with Henry . 10: I'm stuck on this question about the tax rates .
Tax ki paribhasha : vah kar jo praja se raaja leta hai bhoomi aadi ka vah kar jo raaja ko diya jaay vah dhan jo raaja ya koi adhikaari kisi vishisht kaary ke liye le paise ka chaubisavaaan ya pachisavaaan bhaag kar ya mahasool jo raajy athava nagarapaalika athava jila parishad ya pnchaayat ki or se kisi vastu par lagaaya jaay vah mahasool jo ghaaton aur raaston aadi par raajy ki or se vasool kiya jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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