Technique meaning in hindi | Technique ka matlab 

Technique meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Technique 
Usage of Technique: 1: Lithography is a technique for printing books. 2: he described a refinement of this technique 3: But their disambiguation technique can also broadly be related to numerous views. 4: pointillism is a technique of art developed in 19th century. 5: Baum used this technique only once, in Mr. 6: Both halves of the technique 7: This "receiving" of the technique is called ukemi. 8: In applying a technique during training 9: Wire constructed using this technique is called Litz wire. 10: This technique is commonly used to make muffins
Technique ki paribhasha : raajaaon ka chanvara, chhatr aadi ka dhaaran haath se koi chij banaakar taiyaar karane ka kaam

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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