Temperament meaning in hindi | Temperament ka matlab 

Temperament meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Temperament 
Usage of Temperament: 1: One must have a cool temperament to tackle any situation. 2: The temperament of a cat can vary depending on the breed and socialization. 3: Close, whose temperament had been shown lacking, did not go to the West Indies. 4: Psychologists have argued that while human temperament allows wars to occur 5: This suited his contemplative temperament 6: I would like to have teachers with democratic temperament . 7: excitable temperament 8: He said, speaking of Complexion, temperament of people 9: His temperament has undergone a profound alteration 10: In terms of Trade temperament Buy, Buy with ease of paying by installments at stated times
Temperament ki paribhasha : jaisa,—k rogi ki dasha achchho nahin hai kisi padaarth ka vah mool gun jo sada bana rahe mool ya pradhaan gun jo sada bana rahe sada bana rahanevaala mool ya pradhaan gun

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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