Tension meaning in hindi | Tension ka matlab 

Tension meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tension 
Usage of Tension: 1: The collapse of negotiations between the two nations has further aggravated tension in the border. 2: Religious fanaticism has created a lot of communal tension in the country. 3: There is tension on my leg muscles. 4: There was tension in the area after the riots. . 5: The tension heightened 6: Watch out for tension cables. 7: The tension resulted in a fallout between Chappell and Ganguly 8: The tension between Cetshwayo and the Transvaal over border disputes continued. 9: In 1989 after nearly a year of tension between the United States and Panama 10: While not completely free of racial tension
Tension ki paribhasha : sushrut ke anusaar ek prakaar ka bndhan jo sir par ke aaghaat ya ghaav aadi par baaandha jaata hai kisi vastu ko usaki poori lnbaayi ya chaudai tak badhaakar le jaana vah rassi jisapar dhobi kapade sukhaate hain

Usage of Tension in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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