Tent meaning in hindi | Tent ka matlab 

Tent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tent 
Usage of Tent: 1: He pitched his tent near the creek 2: A tent has to be pitched for the function. 3: I pitched my tent next to a large oak tree . 4: The Zion Lodge complex was built in 1925 at the site of the Wylie tent camp. 5: It also operates the second largest tent at the Oktoberfest 6: Mustafa chose to enter his father's tent 7: As Mustafa entered his father's tent 8: By 1952, over two hundred thousand immigrants were living in these tent cities. 9: The tent will be 150 metres high 10: 'As I lie in my tent after performing an all night radar surveillance operation
Tent ki paribhasha : ek chhota jngali ped jisaki saphed aur majaboot lakadi sajaavat ke samaan banaane ke kaam men aati hai vah vastu ya choorn jisase vasn sugndhit kiya jaata

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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