Theft meaning in hindi | Theft ka matlab 

Theft meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Theft 
Usage of Theft: 1: There was a theft in the shop. 2: The prisoner was impeached of the charge of theft and. 3: In the end, they convicted her of theft . 4: This policy covers your car against theft . 5: Rothbard attacked taxation as theft 6: They were later charged with more counts on theft of merchandise and money. 7: Petty theft often accompanies prostitution and other crimes 8: This style of identity theft is becoming more popular 9: Toronto has a comparable rate of car theft to various U.S. cities 10: must be protected against fire, theft and other risks .
Theft ki paribhasha : jisake vaastavik svaroop ka oopar se dekhane se pata na chale kisi devi, devata sati aadi ke liye banaaya hua chhota chaura ya chabootara jisake oopar ek chhota sa stup jaisa bana hota hai

Usage of Theft in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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