Thief meaning in hindi | Thief ka matlab 

Thief meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Thief 
Usage of Thief: 1: The policeman nabbed the thief near the shopping complex. 2: The thief jumped over the wall. 3: The thief brandished a knife at the residents of the house. 4: The thief eluded the police 5: The thief watched their movements covertly. 6: The thief broke in through the shingled wall. 7: While chasing the thief the Panda car met with an accident. 8: The thief spurted out when he saw the watchman comming. 9: he dealt with the thief mercifully 10: police arrested the thief
Thief ki paribhasha : jabaradasti logon ka maal lootanevaala brahatsnhita ke anusaar ek prakaar ke ketu jo lnbe aur saphed hote hain taal jisamen barasaati paani buhat din tak ruka rahe jisake vaastavik svaroop ka oopar se dekhane se pata na chale

Usage of Thief in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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