Tiring meaning in hindi | Tiring ka matlab 

Tiring meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tiring 
As noun : थकाऊ
Other : उबाऊ
Usage of Tiring: 1: It is a tiring job to do. 2: A good pedestrian, A man walking long without tiring 3: A very tiring day 4: especially is said to this whose return is unfortunate, unpleasant, tiring 5: He said specifically, in terms of medicine, a continuous and tiring movement of the body, caused either by a physical cause, by a legal concern 6: Household troops, Beware tiring 7: If too tiring 8: It also said familiarly Persons and means Who is unbearable, annoying, harassing, tiring 9: It also works intransitively and means Make efforts to, tiring to 10: It is a tiring politeness, inconvenient

Usage of Tiring in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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