To cover meaning in hindi | To cover ka matlab 

To cover meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To cover 
Usage of To cover: 1: The robber failed to cover his tracks . 2: He wears special gloves , and pads to cover his lower legs. 3: Moses had the censers taken and made into plates to cover the altar. 4: FOX covered the game at Heinz Field, and Bradshaw returned to cover the game. 5: The flag should never be used as a cloth to cover tables 6: Tax revenues proved insufficient to cover the costs of government 7: The capital has expanded to cover the entire plain 8: SF author Robert Sawyer generalizes this argument to cover other industries 9: The new Irish Free State was in theory to cover the entire island 10: Cloth has been used to cover billiards tables since the 15th century.

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