Torrid meaning in hindi | Torrid ka matlab 

Torrid meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Torrid 
Usage of Torrid: 1: We have torrid summer. 2: It was a torrid love affair. 3: A heat torrid 4: A torrid climate 5: Astronomical Geography Inhabitants of the torrid zone, that their shadows sometimes directed towards the south, sometimes north, following the sun is north or south of the equator 6: In terms of geography, it Each of said two parallel of the earthly sphere, in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, separate the torrid zone of the temperate zone 7: In terms of geography, temperate zone, Each of the two zones located between the torrid and frigid zones of the two
Torrid ki paribhasha : jisaka paani nikala, ud ya jal gaya ho

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The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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