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Trade meaning in hindi

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As noun : अदल बदल करना Ex:  internationalize trade of certain drugs उद्योग Ex:  Romans carried trade with india. उ:   यहाँ के ज़्यादतर उद्योग भी यहीं पर स्थित हैं। कामर्स Ex:  Fedration of trade unions. कामर्स Ex:  Fedration of trade unions. कारोबार Ex:  The trade flourished until last classical antiquity. उ:   भारतीय भाषाओं का कारोबार धीरे-धीरे बढ़ने लगा। खरेदारी करना Ex:  He is a trade unionist. गुरण Ex:  The Crusades had built lasting trade links to the Levant गूरण Ex:  No longer was the Mediterranean Europe's most important trade route. गोरण Ex:  Whereas in 1992 Russia accounted for 92% of Estonia's inter­national trade जीववृत्ति Ex:  There is only limited evidence of long-distance trade with Pictland दौड़धूप Ex:  Vendors used to trade in the arches built along its length. धंद Ex:  Other important trade shows include "Baselworld" पत्रकारिता, पत्रकारी Ex:  It prospered greatly through trade to Russia पुरुषकार Ex:  Free trade between the kingdoms was part of the bakt फर्म Ex:  1803, France and Spain would trade control of the region's colonial empire. उ:   इनसे फर्म की विश्वसनीयता बढती हैं। बयपार Ex:  An international trade city बाँन्योटा Ex:  International trade conflicts erupted बिवसाइ ‡ Ex:  Colonial privileges were retained, such as trade monopoly. बेवसाय Ex:  Under CITES , commercial trade of skins or specimens is illegal. बेवसार Ex:  Sino-foreign trade was dominated by the British Empire बोँहड़ा Ex:  Sino-German trade slowed between 1930 and 1932 because of the Great Depression. बोपार Ex:  Most of the trade Lithuania conducts is within the European Union. ब्य़ोसाय Ex:  Pericles proposed the Megarian Decree, which resembled a modern trade embargo. राहरीति Ex:  Book trade fairs have been held in Frankfurt since 1478 रोजागार Ex:  Russian President Boris Yeltsin ordered the liberalization of foreign trade लोकयात्रा Ex:  Robinson announced his retirement shortly after the trade वणिग्वृत्ति Ex:  World trade figures are very different वणिज Ex:  Almaty became one of the trade वणिजा Ex:  It maintains a common trade policy वापारु Ex:  Freemasons , English trade unionists, socialists and social democrats. वार्तिका Ex:  France and Britain established trade companies for the area. वार्त्तारंभ Ex:  Canada became one of the first American allies to openly trade with Cuba. विचेष्टित Ex:  The Cholas excelled in foreign trade and maritime activity विमय Ex:  Spain and trade was opened up with the United States and European colonies. वैदई Ex:  After engineering trade studies and discussions with major 737 customers वौसाउ Ex:  Extensive trade routes वौसाउ Ex:  Extensive trade routes व्यवसाय Ex:  With the growth of trade and the British Empire उ:   कपड़ों के व्यवसाय में भी सफलता मिलती है। व्यापार Ex:  The trade between East Asia उ:   एस.सी.ओ. के व्यापार में रूकावट डाल रहा है। व्यापारिक हवा Ex:  China and South Korea are the biggest trade partners of North Korea व्यापृति Ex:  By the 1850s Tbilisi once again emerged as a major trade and a cultural center. व्यापृति Ex:  By the 1850s Tbilisi once again emerged as a major trade and a cultural center. सन्नहन Ex:  The city is a trade center and manufactures textiles समोहा Ex:  Regular trade began in Guangzhou . सम्यक्वृत्त Ex:  Others believe it was Pocklington who instigated the trade सौदा Ex:  In 2005, trade with EU represented 8.9% of total Paraguay’s trade. उ:   मन्जुल प्रकाशन की बेहतरीन अनुवाद के कारण उन्हे यह सौदा मिल गया। सौदावी Ex:  Travelling along the trade routes leading eastwards to Kiev and Bukhara हटैत Ex:  The major industries that depended on long-distance trade हिरफत Ex:  Genoa, and Pisa expanded their trade throughout the Mediterranean.
As verb : कारोबार करना Ex:  the revival of trade वस्तु विनिमय करना Ex:  Co-operation in international trade negotiations व्यापार करना Ex:  The most important trade blocs are the Caribbean Community and Common Market
Other : अदला बदली Ex:  Venice was an important center of trade with the East कारबार Ex:  foreign trade किसब Ex:  Organizers have erected many booths in the trade fair.
There is a telephone booth near my house.
ख़रीदार Ex:  But exactly what they can do – trade चलन Ex:  Frazee finally lost patience with Ruth, and decided to trade him. उ:   इसके व्यवसाय में व्यय कम लगने से घरेलू धंधों में इसका चलन है। तिजारत Ex:  This trade may have been controlled from Dunadd in Dál Riata दस्तकारी Ex:  Kabul has trade partnerships with the UK उ:   जावा के लोग लगभग ३० प्रकार की दस्तकारी के लिये प्रसिद्ध हैं। पणन Ex:  The city of Calgary maintains trade development programs पेशा Ex:  Makurian trade with Egypt was of great import. उ:   यह पेशा अब लगभग ख़त्म हो चुका है। बदलना Ex:  Fisher loaned him the money in trade for 200 acres of land. माल ठोना Ex:  Guilds exhibited some aspects of the modern trade union रिवाज Ex:  The majority of the EU's trade is with the United States, China, India, Russia. उ:   यह रिवाज जवान होते पुरुषों और बुजुर्गों के बीच शुरू हो जाती है। रोज़गार Ex:  These were centers of trade लेन देन करना Ex:  These metals were valuable to trade लेनदेन Ex:  1550 to 1836. Slave trade was mostly with the Portuguese colony of Brazil उ:   यह देश के सभी वित्तीय लेनदेन की निगरानी के लिए नोडल केंद्र है। वाणिज्य या व्यापार करना Ex:  Some of the largest trade fairs in the Commonwealth were held at Lublin. वाणिज्य व्यापार Ex:  The "moderns" sought trade वाणिज्य Ex:  While Hong Kong is a global centre of trade उ:   वो वाणिज्य और व्यापार के देवता थे। व्यापार विपत्र Ex:  Ocean trade routes were pioneered by the Europeans शिल्प Ex:  The victims of this trade were called Kanakas उ:   लेख , सिक्के , स्थापत्य और शिल्प । सौदा करना Ex:  Louis Blues in a trade for Patrice Tardif
Trade ki paribhasha : jaisa raha ho usase bhinn ho jaana haath se koi chij banaakar taiyaar karane ka kaam rupaya RRin dene aur RRin lene ka vyavahaar jo kisi ke saath kiya jaay shart lagaane ya baaji badane ki kriya ya bhaav vah kaary jo manushy niyamit roop se apani jivika upaarjit karane ke liye karata ho jyotish men ek kraantipaat gati athava vishuvat ki us samay ki gati, jab din aur raat baraabar hote hain nyaay ke anusaar vishay ke saath honevaala indriyon ka snyog vah kaary jisake dvaara kisi ki jivika ka nirvaah hota ho ve kaat chhaaantakar saaph kiye hue paan ke patte jo dholi men sad gae hon vah naam jisase koi knpani ya kothi kaaravaar karati hai

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