Trap meaning in hindi | Trap ka matlab 

Trap meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Trap 
Usage of Trap: 1: The hunter hid behind the bushes to trap the antelope. 2: earlier people prefer to have a trap door in their residence. 3: Many spiders spin webs to trap insects as food. 4: Dave ensnared the rabbit in his trap . 5: Jerry trapped a rabbit in his trap . 6: Although the trap is rapidly shut by changes in internal cell pressures 7: Fishing nets, fish traps, and trap nets may be used to capture fish. 8: Biologists may also trap wolves for research purposes. 9: They trap small animals and digest them to obtain mineral nutrients 10: Realizing he was heading into a trap
Trap ki paribhasha : lohe, baaans aadi ki tiliyon ka bana hua jhaaba jisamen pakshi paale jaate hain paani ki dhaar jo pathikon ko oopar se paani pilaane men bandh jaati hai abhipraay siddh karane ka upayukt sthaan aur avasar pakadne ka kaam karaana raajasthaan men honevaala ek vrakshavishesh praani ka vah ang jisase vah bolata aur bhojan karata hai pakadi ya thahari hui vastu ko is prakaar chhod dena ki vah niche gir pade rassi ya baal aadi ki bani hui phaaans

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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