Tremble meaning in hindi | Tremble ka matlab 

Tremble meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tremble 
Usage of Tremble: 1: She showed a tremble in her face. 2: And may the earth tremble its centersat the resounding roar of the cannon. 3: Bennet "called us Quakers because we bid them tremble at the word of God" 4: Having a steady hand, Have a steady hand, who does not tremble 5: I tremble for you 6: I tremble that happens 7: I tremble to see doing that, I'm afraid it gets the 8: I tremble to see him do that, I feel the fear on seeing him do 9: Particular poplar species whose leaves tremble in the slightest breeze 10: The fever makes him tremble
Tremble ki paribhasha : aisi avastha men dalana jisase karta्tav na soojh pade

Usage of Tremble in sentences

The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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