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Trust meaning in hindi

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As noun : अंतर्निर्भरता Ex:  he is the beneficiary of a generous trust set up by his father अभिसरन Ex:  I trust thathe is having good health. अववाद Ex:  I trust you.
You have to trust the woman before leaving your daughter.
अववाद Ex:  I trust you.
You have to trust the woman before leaving your daughter.
आढ़ Ex:  I wouldn't trust Jim to take care of my kids . इलाहीमुहर Ex:  Foreign investors' trust in the Hungarian economy has declined ईमानदारी से Ex:  Temüjin put absolute trust in generals उद्योग मंडल Ex:  Himmler did not trust the Army to approve of उपघ्प Ex:  Hester was to hold the collection in trust for Ashmole until her death. एतकाद Ex:  Continuing trust issues एतबार Ex:  I trust I shall not be found to have the troubled fountain of a corrupt heart. एतमाद Ex:  The smaller states did not trust the larger states to protect their interests औलान Ex:  When the trust came due क्रेडिट Ex:  Instead of mocking lovers because of their putting trust in women उ:   वे सोशल क्रेडिट कॉकस सरकार में रहे। जीवनाधार Ex:  Individuals tend to trust one preference over the other टिकोना, टिकौना Ex:  It was not going to be easy for them to trust each other . ट्रस्ट Ex:  Action to believe, to trust to उ:   १ अगस्त - नेशनल बुक ट्रस्ट की स्थापना हुई। ठालीपु Ex:  All in all, this is not a man to whom you should trust थंबन Ex:  Blind trust थप्परि Ex:  By extension, it means mutual trust character of social relations थेघ Ex:  Do not trust that man to this woman is a bulletin board, it is a talkative धुराधुर Ex:  Giving show its trust someone न्यास रक्षक Ex:  I do not trust him, either and his brother न्यास Ex:  I myself not trust उ:   न्यास स्वयं को गैर राजनीतिक बताता है। पठंगा Ex:  I receive with trust whatever comes to your hand, everything from your hand पतियारा Ex:  I trust in God, Providence पतियारी Ex:  I trust you do not doubt my feelings point of पर भरोस करना Ex:  I will answer your trust पर भरोसा करना करना Ex:  If someone blindly trust पर भरोसा करना Ex:  If trust to his own sense प्रन्यास Ex:  IOF also means belief, trust प्रस्कुंद Ex:  Ironically, this is a good apostle, He made man good, but do not trust him भरोस करना Ex:  It also means figuratively Winning the support, trust भरोसा Ex:  It also says a person of trust, a person in whom they trust उ:   भरोसा करनेवाले उसी पर भरोसा करते है। मानपरेखा Ex:  It also tells of a man whose face inspires trust and sympathy वकअत Ex:  It deceived my trust विश्वासन Ex:  It says figuratively speaking of Friendship, an attachment , mutual trust विश्‍वास Ex:  It says figuratively when, for trust in someone or deference, we do what he wants without wanting anything look after him उ:   पुलिस रैंकों का गठन अहिंसा में विश्‍वास रखने वालों से किया जाएगा। विस्त्रंभ Ex:  Jurisprudence A person charged with a trust वौकाना Ex:  Place much affection, friendship, confidence, Giving his affection, his friendship, his trust people who are worthy व्यापार संघ Ex:  Putting his trust in God व्याश्रय Ex:  RELY at or IN or ON means Putting his trust in someone or something; count build on someone or something श्रिति Ex:  Resume trust श्रुष्टि Ex:  Signing of trust संअपत्ति Ex:  Special trust संगठन Ex:  Substitution trustee, one that is in trust उ:   सामाजिक संगठन का स्वरूप कभी शाश्वत नहीं रहता। संप्रसाद Ex:  There Insurance has developed, there is no insurance to take him, We can trust him संस्तंभ Ex:  This is a man who changes easily, you can not trust him सभुपस्तंभ Ex:  This is an indiscreet indiscreet to whom we can not trust सभुपस्तंभ Ex:  This is an indiscreet indiscreet to whom we can not trust समाश्वास Ex:  trust in someone, in something समुपष्टभ Ex:  We must trust him as good signs, and the phrase conjunctiva such as signs, So that the proof is that सहारा Ex:  Win friendship, affection, kindness, trust उ:   मानों एक दूसरे को पकड़कर सहारा दे रहे हों। सह्यकर्म Ex:  Worthy of esteem, trust साख Ex:  Yes, since you promise to your rescue, I trust success in उ:   इसीलिए बैंक को साख का सृजनकर्ता भी कहा जाता है। सौँपना Ex:  You misplaced your trust स्ंअपत्ति Ex:  , in terms of scripture, Rely on an arm of flesh, put his trust in men, instead of the living God हवाले करना Ex:  , It is based on a reed, the One in whom he put his trust has no strength, credit, authority to support the हस्तालंब Ex:  , Rely ahead, trust this, should not count on it हस्तावलंब Ex:  , Take foot, Begin to establish firmly, to earn the trust हस्र Ex:  , Taking credit to someone, trust Him, give it time to show what he can do
As verb : आशा करना Ex:  You can't trust John to do the job right . भरोसा करना Ex:  It also means trust
Other : अमानत Ex:  Any relationship lasts on mutual trust आशा Ex:  You can put your trust in the bank . उ:   मैं आशा करता हूँ कि यह सदस्यों को सन्तुष्ट करेगा। आश्रय Ex:  I trust Mike; he's a straight shooter . उ:   उन्होंने गायत्री उपासना का आश्रय लिया। आसरा Ex:  You can trust her to be here on time . आस्था Ex:  I can't trust myself to eat wisely . उ:   लोगों की यहाँ गहरी आस्था है। इतमीनान Ex:  I am sure I can trust you with the money . उधार देना Ex:  It helps clients or patients to feel safe and to trust the care-giver उम्मीद Ex:  Gowen further gained the trust of the current president उ:   दोनों देशों को व्यापार बढ़ने की उम्मीद है। उम्मेद Ex:  Despite the territories being held in trust by the crown ऐतबार Ex:  The resultant trust paid off the debt गुट Ex:  James B. Duke, established The Duke Endowment with a $40 million trust fund. उ:   माहौल ठीक ऐसा होता है कि दो गुट जंग के लिए तैयार हो रहे हों। ज़िम्मेदारी Ex:  Mao lost trust in many of the top CPC figures. उ:   उसके बाद यह परिवार मंदिर की देखभाल करने की ज़िम्मेदारी ली। ठिकाना Ex:  Betray the trust of his friend उ:   खरवा अजमेर से कुछ दूर ब्यावर मार्ग पर एक राजपूत ठिकाना है। थाती Ex:  Do not trust him secret, it is a talkative उ:   केदारखंड में थाती गाँव को मणिपुर की संग्या दी गयी है। दायित्व Ex:  Do not trust this man, he always has a door back उ:   इस मंदिर के देखभाल का दायित्व देव सूर्य मंदिर न्यास समिति का है। धरोहर रखना Ex:  feel someone before trust him निक्षेप Ex:  God never abandons those who trust in him उ:   पवन द्वारा उडाई गई धूलो के निक्षेप से निर्मित जमाव को लोयस कहते हैं। निष्ठा Ex:  He abused the trust we had in him उ:   हुं मारा देश अने देशबांधवोने मारी निष्ठा अर्पुं छुं। न्याय Ex:  He knew how to maintain their trust उ:   यह न्याय निम्नलिखित घटना या कहानी के आधार पर है। न्यास के रुप में Ex:  I do not trust her protests, her caresses, her intentions न्यासत- Ex:  I only trust my own eyes on me पर विशवास करना Ex:  I'll trust in your care विश्वसनीयता Ex:  It has a natural air that pleases and inspires trust विश्वास करना Ex:  It is an honorable man, you can trust him to विश्वास का कारण Ex:  It is said earlier today the question trust विश्वास Ex:  It revived their trust उ:   राजा को उसकी बात का ज़रा भी विश्वास नहीं हुआ। संघ Ex:  The trust you place in me allows me to tell you that उ:   अतः संघ में लिखित संविधान अवश्य होगा। सुपुर्दगी Ex:  Yes, yes, trust these promises सौपना Ex:  , Back to someone, become favorable Him back for him feelings of friendship, trust हवाला Ex:  , is a man to whom I would not trust me at all, to whom I would, to whom I would never dare ask a service उ:   राजधानी में हवाला कारोबार का नेटवर्क बड़े पैमाने पर फैला है।
Trust ki paribhasha : apraapt ke paane ki ichchha aur thod bahut nishchay praachin bhaarat ka ek prakaar ka prajaatntr raajy jisamen shaasanaadhikaar praja dvaara chune hue pratinidhiyon ke haath men hota tha kisi vishesh abhipraay se banaaya hua dal vah dhaarana jo man men kisi vyakti ke prati usaka sadbhaava, hitaishitaa, satyataa, dradhata aadi athava kisi siddhaant aadi ki satyata athava uttamata ka gyaan hone ke kaaran hoti hai dharmaguru ya bade aadi ke prati shraddha bhakti vah bastu jo doosare ke paas kisi niyat ya aniyat kaal tak ke liye rakh di jaay baajaar men vah maryaada ya pratishtha jisake kaaran aadami len den kar sakata ho snpatti ko is vichaar ya vishvaas se doosare vyakti ke supurd karana ki ve snpatti ka prabndh ya upayog usake svaami ya adhikaari ki likhaapadhi ya daanapatr ke anusaar karenge bikhari hui shaktiyon, logon ya ango aadi ko is prakaar milaakar ek karana ki unamen navin jivan ya bal aa jaay thik jagah kram se lagaana ya sajaana

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