Turf meaning in hindi | Turf ka matlab 

Turf meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Turf 
Usage of Turf: 1: You have to turf the field. 2: a turf war erupted between street gangs 3: Horse races at turf clubs are normally flat racing type omly. 4: No surf and turf for me . 5: There were also other reasons for Bellow's return to his home turf of Chicago 6: The Dnieper's source is the turf swamps of the Valdai Hills in central Russia 7: Canberra is also the home turf of an Australian hip-hop duo, Koolism. 8: Roofs made of cut turf Green roofs have good insulating properties and 9: A regular turf 10: A turf altar
Turf ki paribhasha : inta, mitti, knkad, patthar aadi ka tukad

Usage of Turf in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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