alliteration meaning in tamil

Word: alliteration - The english word have 12 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of nounin english.
Meaning of alliteration in english - figure of speech, repetition, rhyme

Meanings in tamil :

ktuvay ( கதுவாய் )
vtu ( வடு )
மேற்கதுவாய் and கீழ்க்கதுவாய்

Synonyms of alliteration

allegory allusion analogy anticlimax antithesis bathos comparison conceit device euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression flourish flower hyperbole image imagery irony metaphor ornament parable paradox parallel personification rhetoric sarcasm satire simile analogue understatement adumbration anaphora antistrophe aposiopesis apostrophe asyndeton communication that is not meant literally stylistic device echoism ellipsis litotes malapropism manner of speaking metonymy onomatopoeia oxymoron proteron synecdoche trope tropology turn of phrase way of speaking recurrence repeat reiteration litany rhythm relation restatement redundancy renewal paraphrase return reappearance practice rehearsal replication report copy recapitulation chant recital chorus reproduction encore reoccurrence periodicity repetitiousness tautology perseveration broken record ingemination iteracy iterance staccato poem poetry verse cadence tune song beat couplet poesy meter harmony measure ode doggerel rune iambic pentameter half-rhyme nursery rhyme slant rhyme

Antonyms of alliteration

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