bring back meaning in tamil

Word: bring back - The english word have 10 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of bring back in english - fetch, recover, reinstate, restore, retrieve, recondition, restitute

Meanings in tamil :

As adjective :
mil ( மீள் )
மீ ட்க
chiṟaimitka ( சிறைமீட்க )
iraimitka ( இரைமீட்க )

Synonyms of bring back

sell earn obtain yield produce go for carry back bring elicit convey transport tote make escort lug get conduct deliver bear realize shoulder buck lead ride gun truck heel pack call for schlepp sell for piggyback be sold for bring to draw forth give rise to regain rescue resume get back repair recoup salvage reclaim retake recruit repossess redeem compensate offset balance recapture take back reoccupy rediscover catch up make good obtain again reacquire replevin replevy win back revive replace renew reestablish reintroduce rehabilitate recall return reelect put back put in power again rehire reinvest strengthen rebuild refurbish renovate reinforce revitalize reconstruct build up modernize improve retouch rejuvenate revivify heal reanimate refresh update cure mend make restitution touch up reimpose reconstitute make healthy reerect set to rights

Antonyms of bring back

dissuade refuse shun avoid withhold deny lose discourage drop leave take keep maintain retain fail neglect free let go forfeit damage destroy harm injure mislay deteriorate wane break hurt miss decline kill fire ruin weaken endanger relinquish waste give offer antique
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