abstinence meaning in telugu

Word: abstinence
 Meaning of abstinence in english - restraint from desires, especially physical desires

Meanings in telugu :

anaahaaramu ( అనాహారము )

Synonyms of abstinence

frugality moderation chastity self-restraint temperance sobriety continence soberness renunciation forbearance abnegation self-denial self-control teetotalism avoidance abstemiousness fasting asceticism abstaining

Antonyms of abstinence

drunkenness indulgence intemperance intoxication revelry self-indulgence

Related English Telugu Meaning

abstractabstractionabstruseabundance of food and raimentabundanceabundantabundantlyabuseabusive speech harshnessabysinianabyssinianacacia treeaccentacceptacceptance of almsacceptanceacclivityaccompanied by virtueaccompanied byaccompaniment to an air
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