acknowledge meaning in telugu

Word: acknowledge
 Meaning of acknowledge in english - verbally recognize authority, admit truth or reality of something, verbally recognize receipt of something

Meanings in telugu :

svikarianchu ( స్వీకరించు )

Synonyms of acknowledge

defend accept agree endorse support accede grant acquiesce ratify certify yield own allow uphold approve attest to defer to subscribe to take an oath confess concede profess declare avow crack come clean let on fess up cop a plea come out of closet get off chest open up respond notice hail address answer reply remark return thank greet react

Antonyms of acknowledge

disapprove deny renounce refuse reject dispute contradict protest condemn veto disavow invalidate disallow forswear ignore repudiate abjure disregard decline disagree oppose conceal hide request slight ask question

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