advance meaning in telugu

Word: advance
 Meaning of advance in english - ahead in position or time, forward movement, improvement, progress in development, money given beforehand, move something forward, often quickly, promote or propose an idea, give money beforehand, increase in amount, number, or position

Meanings in telugu :

saagu ( సాగు )

Identical words :

advance of money - bayaana ( బయానా )
advance through difficulties - sankramamu ( సంక్రమము )
advance f - haamitakaavi ( హామితకావి )

Synonyms of advance

leading prior first earlier early foremost previously in front in the forefront in the lead advancement motion impetus headway progression breakthrough rise step growth gain boost upgrade amelioration enrichment go-ahead buildup furtherance promotion betterment upping hike stake loan bite credit retainer score touch allowance accommodation deposit down payment prepayment floater front money propel accelerate storm speed achieve march proceed launch drive dispatch elevate conquer skyrocket hasten quicken come forward gain ground get ahead go ahead move up bring forward continue ahead continue on forge ahead get green light get there get with it go forth go forward go great guns go places go to town make headway make the scene move on move onward press on push ahead push on send forward step forward offer encourage introduce benefit plug urge splash ballyhoo suggest serve submit adduce foster proffer hype puff allege spot cite present beat the drum for get ink for lay forward make a pitch for put forward put on the map set forth throw spotlight on provide furnish lend raise prosper magnify prefer enlarge multiply uplift thrive hit the jackpot make out pan out break the bank get fat get rich hit pay dirt make a killing strike gold

Antonyms of advance

later last after behind hindrance halt hesitation recession withdrawal impediment stagnation decline retreat retrogression block stop failure decrease stoppage diminishment loss hinder cease retard back down hesitate recede take back hold keep turn yield dissuade prevent conceal hide withhold refrain discourage hurt borrow repress lessen spurn reduce lose

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