affected meaning in telugu

Word: affected
 Meaning of affected in english - deeply moved or hurt emotionally, changed in a bad or artificial way

Meanings in telugu :

kshubdhamu ( క్షుబ్ధము )

Identical words :

affected with fear - vihvalamu ( విహ్వలము )

Synonyms of affected

impressed distressed concerned damaged touched troubled overwhelmed afflicted injured influenced compassionate altered upset stimulated tender impaired excited overwrought sorry sympathetic stirred grieved contrived studied ham imitated assumed shallow pretended hollow feigned overdone simulated unnatural counterfeit sham apish awkward chichi conceited fraud insincere melodramatic ostentatious pedantic phony pompous precious pretentious put-on schmaltzy self-conscious spurious stiff stilted superficial theatrical counterfeited faked playacting campy false gone Hollywood hammy

Antonyms of affected

collected untroubled OK sane healthy unperturbed unswayed unchanged unhurt unimpaired calm happy hard kept unmoved uninjured real sincere natural genuine

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