all at once meaning in telugu

Word: all at once
 Meaning of all at once in english - ensemble, mutually, suddenly, then, en masse, concurrently, synchronously

Meanings in telugu :

surasur ( సురసుర )

Synonyms of all at once

altogether as a body as a group as a whole as one at once in concert jointly commonly reciprocally by agreement by contract conjointly cooperatively in collaboration in combination in conjunction respectively quickly swiftly abruptly short aback forthwith unaware unawares all of a sudden asudden on spur of moment unanticipatedly without warning again later formerly next anon thereupon when at that instant at that moment at that point at that time before long on that occasion soon after years ago unanimously wholly collectively communally en bloc in a group in chorus in unison unitedly with one voice simultaneously all together contemporaneously closely combined hand in glove hand in hand side by side at one fell swoop coincidentally concertedly concomitantly in a body in cooperation in one breath in sync on the beat synchronically with one accord

Antonyms of all at once

distinctly dissimilarly expectedly slowly

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