at intervals meaning in telugu

Word: at intervals
 Meaning of at intervals in english - between, irregularly, now and then, occasionally, off and on, on and off, once in a while, piecemeal, sometimes

Meanings in telugu :

edayedamuga ( ఎడయెడముగా )

Synonyms of at intervals

amid among halfway inserted intervening midway within betwixt amidst bounded by centrally located enclosed by in the middle in the midst of in the seam in the thick of interpolated medially separating surrounded by 'tween haphazardly fitfully infrequently sporadically unevenly erratically any which way anyhow helter-skelter periodically slapdash uncommonly willy-nilly by turns by fits and starts disconnectedly eccentrically in snatches jerkily now and again out of sequence spasmodically uncertainly unmethodically unpunctually intermittently every now and then at times from time to time hardly every so often every once in a while not often on occasion once and again once in a blue moon once or twice seldom at random vacillating alternately fluctuating variably discontinuously rarely gradual by degrees fragmentary gradually interrupted partial partially patchy spotty little by little step by step consistently constantly ever and again here and there

Antonyms of at intervals

evenly regularly always constantly frequently steadily usually

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