bag meaning in telugu

Word: bag
 Meaning of bag in english - container for one's possesions, special interest, catch, droop

Meanings in telugu :

zaale ( ాలె )

Identical words :

As noun :
baggage - saamaanu ( సామాను )
bag placed on the back ofbullock to carry things - asimi ( అసిమి )
bag of skin - dimbamu ( డింబము )
baggage belonging tocamp - bung ( బుంగ )

Synonyms of bag

briefcase backpack purse sack kit pocket packet gear suitcase handbag pouch poke tote pocketbook satchel knapsack rucksack saddlebag haversack carryall holdall duffel attaché carry-on thing expertise preference hobby speciality favorite activity nail shoot capture acquire seize apprehend get nab hook land kill trap gain net collar take flap bulge sag balloon flop hang billow

Antonyms of bag

dislike hate hatred liberate release forfeit surrender misunderstand free let go lose fail yield give offer miss

Related English Telugu Meaning

baggage belonging tocampbaggagebailbailiffbait an incentivebaitbakebakedon an iron platebaking cakes onbalancebalancing weight used to keepyokebalcony infort wallbalconybald headed manbaldbalingboatball fball of rice flour boiled in steamball to play withball
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