beetle meaning in telugu

Word: beetle
 Meaning of beetle in english - bug, bulge, hang, insect, jut, lean, overhang, project, protrude, stand out, stick out, oversized, protuberate

Meanings in telugu :

uride ( ఉరిదె )

Synonyms of beetle

pest vermin louse ant flea gnat cootie swell sag bloat distend poke dilate balloon bilge enlarge extrude bag belly billow expand pouch blob bug out pop out puff out hover flap pin drift float cover dangle wave bend attach remain drape decorate swing hold flop deck rest nail adhere depend droop fix loll cling impend trail tack lower incline drop bow fasten furnish stay up be fastened be in mid-air be loose be pendent be poised mite bee fly arachnid butterfly dragonfly moth grasshopper spider cockroach termite mosquito fruit fly aphid ladybug bumblebee bedbug arthropod hornet daddy longlegs praying mantis yellowjacket lengthen elongate veer nod tilt recline tip slant prop twist slope curve pitch cant decline sheer careen divert roll deflect repose list turn place dip heel sink bear on hang on be off be slanted fasten on put weight on rest on loom extend portend command endanger menace threaten tower above overtop be imminent be suspended cast a shadow dangle over droop over flap over rise above swing over pout prolong be conspicuous be prominent hang over push out stretch out thrust out point start obtrude come through jut out butt out shoot out stick up emerge bulk attract attention be distinct be highlighted be striking catch the eye show outthrust protend

Antonyms of beetle

tighten compress lessen abridge shrink contract reduce lower cave in depress detach disregard straighten release loosen unfasten abandon forget remove let go separate rise shorten indent recede energize increase ascend dislike be active not like aid assist keep help save abbreviate sink obscure

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