befall meaning in telugu

Word: befall
 Meaning of befall in english - happen to, take place

Meanings in telugu :

labhianchu ( లభించు )

Synonyms of befall

materialize transpire ensue develop shake action break go chance cook follow smoke fall betide jell occur supervene come down come off fall out go down bechance gel come to pass cook up a storm

Antonyms of befall


Related English Telugu Meaning

before an idol in homagebefore an idolbefore the rise is put into the sacrificial fire to purify the foodbeforebeg forbegbeggarbegging from house to house asbee gathers honey from flower to flowerbeggingbegin to burnbeginbeginning of the rainy seasonbeginning withbeginningbegrimedbeguilerbehaviourbeheadbeheadedbehind
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